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The Screen Forum & Screen Australia Back a Spotlight on Australia Program at IFP Week 2020

Kodie Bedford Grant Sputore Headshots IF

Kodie Bedford (Mystery Road) & Grant Sputore (I Am Mother)

The Australian International Screen Forum and Screen Australia joined forces to showcase Australia as a filmmaking destination and highlight Australia’s Indigenous storytelling as part of IFP Week 2020 in New York, which was held virtually for the first time due to COVID-19.

The 42nd IFP Week was held September 20 - 24, and featured two panels with an Australian focus. Speakers included screen writers Kodie Bedford (Mystery Road) and Steven McGregor (Sweet Country) plus director Grant Sputore (I Am Mother) with producer Kelvin Munrow.

The panels are:

Authentic Storytelling in Australia — Indigenous Filmmakers Discussion


Screen Australia and The Australian International Screen Forum present a discussion on the importance of having Indigenous stories on screens and having Indigenous filmmakers tell their own stories. Acclaimed writers Steven McGregor and Kodie Bedford join IFP Week to talk about telling Indigenous Australian stories for the global audience.

Moderator: Jenny Cooney 

Panelists: Kodie Bedford (Mystery Road), Steven McGregor (Mystery Road, Sweet Country)

Indie Film Production in Australia — I AM MOTHER Case Study 

Grant Sputore’s 2019 indie sci-fi hit I AM MOTHER was made using the very best that Australian production incentives have to offer. This panel centers on how the team leveraged South Australia’s production incentives and world class facilities to more efficiently produce a film that resounded with audiences globally. The discussion offers valuable insights for international filmmakers who are interested in working with Australians to make independent content that is commercially viable and safe in a COVID-19 environment.

Moderator: Michael Kelleher, Executive Director, Australian International Screen Forum New York


Panelists: Grant Sputore (Director), Kelvin Munroe (Producer), Beth Neate, Head of Production and Development, South Australian Film Corporation (SAFC)

Amiel Courtin-Wilson Dave Wade IFP Heads

Amiel Courtin-Wilson & Dave Wade

The Australian contingent also saw two projects selected for the No Borders International Co Production Market.

The projects are:

Days of Fire (Spotlight on Documentaries)  

Written, directed and produced by Amiel Courtin-Wilson, produced by Alice Jamieson-Dowd and John Baker, and executive produced by Sophie Hyde and Michael McMahon. Bob has scheduled his own death in eight days, and he must make peace with his family, the love of his life and himself.

Digger (Narrative Features)

Written and directed by Dave Wade, produced by Alexandra Blue, and executive produced by Marian MacGowan. Residents of a small outback town celebrate and embrace a mysterious stranger who is digging a hole in the middle of the desert.


IFP Week’s Project Forum is a must-attend event for financiers, production companies, distributors, broadcasters, digital platforms, sales and talent execs, and festival programmers to access bold, original projects and talent early. A curated selection of 150 fiction and non-fiction features, series, and audio projects in development through post-production from around the world were featured, and customized meetings between industry executives and artists facilitated. 

The Australian Screen Foundation Executive Director Michael Kelleher said, "As the main US film industry body based in New York, IFP has been a founding partner of the Australian Screen Forum at Lincoln Center and it makes sense that we build on that relationship by participating in IFP Week 2020.

Now that the world has gone virtual, this event is expected to see more major decision industry makers participate than ever, not just from the US but Europe as well, resulting in a significant opportunity to showcase the Australian industry, especially when it comes to indie features and documentaries."

Screen Australia CEO Graeme Mason said, “I’m thrilled to partner with the Australian International Screen Forum to shine a spotlight on both our incredible creative teams and authentic storytelling, with panels dedicated to Indigenous filmmakers, and Indie Film production. These events will showcase the strong calibre of talent we have in Australia.

I hope the Australian contingency participating take full advantage of the unique opportunities that this event presents to connect virtually, and continue to develop and strengthen their relationships with key executives in international markets.”

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