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Write From Home Screenwriting Workshop is an 8-week online series of development workshops designed and hosted by Screenworks and the Australian International Screen Forum.

This program will connect 8 regional Australian screenwriters with New York based screen industry professionals through screenwriting skills development sessions and networking opportunities. 

US-based industry mentors include Chris Beale (Chairman of Ulladulla Films), Timothy Cooper (Founder and Owner, Blueprint Screenwriting Group), Joey Tuccio (Founder and CEO, Roadmap Writers) Chris Deckard (Manager, Fictional Entity) Zach Book (Manager, All Trades Content) and Nitza Wilon and Elizabeth Kaiden (co-Founders, The Writers Lab and Women in the Script Trade), Micharne Cloughley (Writer & Story Editor, Law & Order: SVU), Gavin Dorman (Producer, Manager and Founder Schemers Entertainment), Jacobo Aparicio (International Team, Anonymous Content). 

By completing the 8-week bespoke program, successful participants will expect to acquire:

  • A more developed screenplay; that is international in nature from both an audience and a business perspective.

  • An informed sense of current international development trends and processes as they relate to their specific project.

  • New connections with US-based mentors and opportunities.

  • Professional feedback regarding script improvement.

  • A tested and professional pitch for their project.

  • Current information about securing the proper representation as a writer.


Write From Home Screenwriting Workshop is delivered in partnership with Screenworks

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