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2021 Aussie Screen Forum NYC
How-to-Forum Guide

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G'day 2021 Industry Delegate!

We are so excited to host you for this year’s Australian International Screen Forum New York.


As with many things, we have had to adjust our format and platforms for 2021 and wanted to provide some step-by-step instructions to enable you to access our programming over the next week.  


Essentially, we are using two different platforms to host both the screenings and the conference.


This year’s film screenings will be hosted on the virtual cinema platform Eventive. Each screening is available at a set time to view via the Eventive dashboard. In most cases, films will be available for on demand viewing for 24-48 hours from the start time, with the exception of the AFTRS shorts showcase that will be available for the duration of the week. Note: 'The Dry' and 'Playing with Sharks' will only be available to our North American-based delegates due to restrictions from the U.S distributor.


The screenings include:

  • Opening Night Screening of 'The Dry' and Q&A with Eric Bana and Robert Connolly (available from March 21 from 6:00pm EDT)

  • 'Gallipoli' Restoration Screening and Screen Talks with Mel Gibson (available March 25 from 5:30pm EDT/March 26 8:30am AEDT)

  • Closing Night Screening of 'Where Are You Now, Richard Linklater?' and Q&A with Richard Linklater (available from March 26 6:00pm EDT/ March 27 9:00am AEDT)

  • Closing Night Documentary Showcase of Valerie Taylor: Playing Sharks and Q&A with director Sally Aitken (available from March 26 8:00pm EDT)

  • AFTRS Shorts Program 1 + 2 (available from March 21 from 6:00pm EDT/ March 22 9:00am AEDT)


If you haven't already purchased a delegate pass, do so at the link below:

Instructions for Eventive SCREENINGS:

  1. Please click the link above and LOGIN (top right corner) to create your profile.

  2. Upon creating your profile, you will be able to use your email address to access our screenings.

  3. For additional assistance, please click the ‘Need help?’ button on the top right of the screen.

  4. Please note that prior to the start of the Forum, you will receive an email from Eventive confirming you as a passholder for our screenings. The above link will be provided there as well.


​This year’s conference panels will be hosted on the virtual conference platform Airmeet:


The panels will begin on Monday March 22 through Wednesday March 24. See the schedule for times.

  1. Please click the link above and follow prompts to create your account profile. You can log in via a social network or regular email, add your photo, location etc. Try and do this before the start of sessions to prepare yourself for the setup.

  2. You will then be taken to the Airmeet Social Lounge, where you can take a seat at a table and say hello to fellow delegates awaiting the upcoming sessions.

  3. Sessions starting will be signaled with a yellow countdown bar and the session screen will automatically appear and begin.

  4. Once a session is complete, you will return to your place prior to the session, i.e. a table chatting or simply waiting in the lounge.

  5. Please use the same link for all conference sessions.

For additional assistance, please click the purple question mark on the bottom right of the Airmeet screen.

Additional Note: The best browser to use for Airmeet is Google Chrome.

For help and support, please email and someone will respond as soon as possible for assistance.

We look forward to seeing you this year’s Australian International Screen Forum!

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