New York Today: A Coming Winter Storm ...

... The director of “Handmaid's Tale” discusses her work during the Australian International Screen Forum at Lincoln Center. 10 a.m. $13


March 21, 2018

After a brutal winter of big snow storms in New York City, the Australian International Screen Forum opened on Monday March 19, 2001 in good weather conditions and sunny skies.


But on Wednesday, a major snowstorm was predicted, and it was predicted to be worse than every prior storm this winter.

The New York Times’s daily story, New York Today, was headlined “A Coming Winter Storm,” an understatement given most of the media’s hype about the impending storm. But after its coverage of the storm warning, the article listed some scheduled events for the day, presumably all likely to be cancelled. Among them was “The director of "Handmaid’s Tale" discusses her work during the Australian International Screen Forum at Lincoln Center. 10 am. $13”

This event was not going to be cancelled, and intrepid film fans and Kate Dennis trudged through the snow to Lincoln Center at 10 am for Kate Dennis: in Conversation with Laura Eason, the Emmy-nominated screenwriter of the Netflix drama, HOUSE OF CARDS.

The Emmy-nominated television director for HANDMAID's TALE discussed her background and her approach to directing, as well as what is was like as a woman working in the entertainment industry today.